Igloo Coolers The Beatles Cooler and KoolTunes Playmate

Igloo Coolers have more The Beatles coolers for fans of the legendary 60s pop-rock outfit. While last year’s offering only had Playmate coolers, this year’s lineup has expanded to include a cooler backpack and a cooler tote, and boy do they look cool! Pun not intended.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine 24-Can Backpack Cooler (US$59.99) features the iconic image of the Yellow Submarine found on the band’s album of the same name while The Beatles Yellow Submarine 30-Can Tote Cooler Bag (US$39.99) is covered in the album’s alternative motif, featuring the cartoon version of the band members among the Yellow Submarine Flowers.

Along with the backpack and tote is a new The Beatles Yellow Submarine Flowers Little Playmate 7 Qt Cooler (US$49.99). All three items are now available to buy from igloocoolers.com. Go check it out.

Igloo Coolers The Beatles Cooler Collection

In related news, Igloo has brought back its KoolTunes Playmate cooler with built-in speakers first introduced in 1989. That’s right. Igloo is making boombox cool again, well, quite literally.

The 2022 version has the same look as the original, right down to the logo of the KoolTunes but it now has an upgraded dual speaker system featuring two low-profile 5-watt speakers with passive radiators to deliver premium audio and punchy bass, and dynamic frequency response range of 80 Hz-20 kHz.

Igloo Coolers KoolTunes Playmate Cooler

It further boasts Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for wireless audio streaming and it is IP56-rated for dust- and water-resistant. The Bluetooth speaker offers up to 10 hours of playback in between charges. In addition, each boombox cooler features a control panel with an LED status indicator, charging port and power, Bluetooth pairing, and volume buttons.

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The Igloo Coolers KoolTunes Playmate Cooler can be had for US$149.99. It is also available in your favorite NFL team designs too (US$174.99 ea.).

Igloo Coolers KoolTunes Playmate Cooler

All images courtesy of Igloo Coolers.