salt & pepper shakers styled in 1916 Coca-Cola contour bottles

Coca-Cola Salt and Pepper Shaker 544x510px
(credit: Urban Outfitters) Coca-Cola Salt and Pepper Shaker | US$9.99 |

this has nothing to do with Coca-Cola’s 125th years celebration but this pair of Coca-Cola Salt and Pepper Shaker might just well be what a true-blue Coca-Cola fans need to mark this joyous year. these shakers are shaped in like the classic contour Coca-Cola contour bottles in glass, topped off with metal screw caps. i am always by intrigue by unique salt and pepper shakers even though i have no need for them. my favorite among all is the one that is styled in a back-to-back gas pump by Coca-Cola. naturally, these caught my eyes in an instant. the Coca-Cola Salt and Pepper Shaker retails for just $9.99 a set via the Urban Outfitters store. i don’t need to tell you which one is for salt and which one is for pepper, do i?
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(credit: Urban Outfitters) salt and pepper not included…

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