Have you been working from home for over two years now? If you do, are you missing the isolation offered by an office cubicle already? Well, if you do, the Cove by speaker maker Leon might just be the solution you need. In fact, it could be better.

Cove by Leon Desktop Accessory Indiegogo

Cove is a new desktop accessory that works something along the line of the giant noise isolating helmet but in a non-hilarious way. It is essentially a desktop version of cubicle partition but way more stylish.

It is designed to improve focus and privacy while reducing eye strain. How so? Firstly, it creates a ‘cover’ around your workspace. Secondly, sound-dampening recycled antimicrobial TURF felt reduces ambient noise even in a crowded room, and finally, diffuse remote-adjustable natural backlighting by American Lighting creates a non-eye jabbing glow.

All these work to help you get into the zone, so hopefully, you can be more productive. As a boon, unlike your office cubicle partitions, it is super sleek and will not mar your beautiful ID. And oh, it is also a handy shelf too, so you can make it feel just like your office by decorating your Cover with your One Punch Man action figure, your dying cactus, and whatnot.

Cove by Leon Desktop Accessory Indiegogo

For its launch on Indiegogo on July 18, Leon is partnering with Logitech and Shure to offer you a variety of professional conference-ready Cove bundles. During the campaign, Leon will be offering “several steeply discounted bundles”:

  • Workspace Studio Package – limited early access discount of $395. Includes Cove, available in Almond, Black, or Slate Gray finish. (Valued at $695)
  • Content Creator Package – $695. Includes: Cove, Logitech Streamcam and Shure MV7 microphone with tripod. (Valued at $1,150)
  • Home Base Package – $495. Includes Cove and Logitech Brio. (Valued at $895)
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Cleary not cheap. If you are thinking of investing in one, I am pretty sure you are not part of the cubicle party. You probably have your own office. Anyways, I could be the wrong judge. If you are interested, you may want to check out Cove by Leon’s Indiegogo pre-launch site.

Images: Leon Speakers, Inc.

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