Thanko’s Fanbrella – an umbrella that also blows you cool

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(credit: Thanko) Fanbrella | ¥3,980.00 |

what did i said about Thanko being the reigning kind of the weird and wacky? well, here’s yet another one to add to list – the Fanbrella. as the name suggest, its primarily duty is an umbrella, shielding you from the elements but when the weather gets to too hot, you can always switch on the battery-operated integrated fan under the umbrella to help ease the heat. is that clever or what? or wacky? maybe. whatever it is, nobody can laugh at you for being such a sissy hiding under that umbrella cos’ they never knew you have a ‘ceiling fan’ underneath it.
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Fanbrella is priced at ¥3,980 (about US$49) and is available on Thanko store. again, it is yet another Japan-only stuff that we drool over.

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via Akihabara News

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