For those who don’t already know, non-fungible token or NFT is not only about digital arts. It could be toys and other collectibles. One way to understand NFT is to understand it as a trading card, which means each NFT is unique and non-replaceable.

Alpine GTA Concept Non-Fungible Token

Anyhoo, the scope of NFT has just been expanded to include, believe it or not, concept cars. Renault-owned Alpine Motors just became the first major automaker to launch itself into crypto art.

It has released a new concept car, called Alpine GTA Concept, exclusively as NFTs. The Alpine GTA Concept is an exclusive design with five unique liveries, each created by designers of Alpine Cars and the Alpine F1 Team. The concept car was developed in collaboration with nfast, the first designer and manufacturer of NFT hypercars (yup, a thing).

Alpine GTA Concept Non-Fungible Token

Alpine will sell five versions of the Alpine GTA Concept as NFTs at an auction organized with the help of nfast and Animoca Brands. The auctions are currently happening on and will end on Friday, November 05, 2021, at 03:00 (UTC). Obviously, you will need a crypto wallet to participate in the auction.

Owning the Alpine GTA Concept NFT is not the end. Owners of the five NFTs will be able to race with their Alpine GTA Concept cars in REVV Racing, the world’s first skill-based action arcade racing simulation game on the blockchain (yup, that is also a thing).

Alpine GTA Concept Non-Fungible Token

The future would no doubt be a convoluted one. Folks, welcome to the future. Welcome to the Metaverse.

Alpine GTA Concept Non-Fungible Token

Images: Alpine Motors.

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