Do you like Hot Wheels die-cast collectibles. If you do, and believe in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), well, the good news is, Mattel Creations is offering a new way of collecting your favorite Hot Wheels collectibles. Everyone, meet the one-of-a-kind Hot Wheels Collectible NFTs, aptly called Hot Wheels NFT Garage.

Hot Wheels Non-fungible Token Cars

With the Hot Wheels NFT Garage, physical cars (or toy cars in this instance) are reimagined as unique, highly coveted pieces of digital art. Kicking off Hot Wheels NFTs are three of the brand’s legendary rides: The Twin Mill, Deora II, and Bone Shaker.

Together they have been minted in the form of three, 1-of-1 NFTs dubbed “The First Editions.” I guess you could called them the digital first editions.

On June 22, 2021, Mattel collectors can participate in a virtual auction to have a shot in picking up these exclusive cars, featuring their original debut designs.

Bidding for each NFT starts at 99¢ – the original price of Hot Wheels in 1968. For more information on the Hot Wheels non-fungible token collectibles, be sure to hit up

If you are clueless about NFT, you may also pick up a clue or two things about NFT in this Wikipedia entry HERE.

Images: Mattel.

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