Shoe sizing is a complicated business. Traditionally, sizing is based the length and to some extend, width, which seems to work fine so far, but what shoe size did not and will not take into consideration is the shape of the foot above the sole. With the Furoshiki Shoes, however, it will be a definite fit as long you get the right sole size, because you will be wrapping your foot as opposed to slipping your feet into the shoes. Inspired by traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that was used to hold and carry clothes and stuff when folks of the olden days travel (hence the name), Furoshiki Shoes is the brainchild of Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto and leverages on the traction and reliability of Vibram soles, but with outstretching bands/fabric instead of laces that wraps around your feet to ensures the shoes conform to your feet and not the other way round.

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

Billed as the first ever wrapping sole, the shoe is worn by wrapping the bands/fabric around your feet and fastening with velcro. A side benefit of Furoshiki Shoes is, it is able to fold down to compact size for storage and transportation, which makes it an ideal travel shoes, more so if your travel will involve lots of walking and maybe even hiking. Vibram Furoshiki Shoes is unisex and can be acquired through Vibram Japan store (marketed by Barefootinc Japan) for 17,064 Yen (which works out to be around US$140). Continue reading for a few more look and a promo video.

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Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

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