If Five Toe Footwear Isn’t Weird Enough, How About One That Has Suspension Heel?

Now I know how humans’ fashion may evolved from “regular” to over-the-top sci-fi fashion as seen in movies like silver screen Aeon Flux. Beatrix Aruna Pasztor is not with Balenciaga, but I think the Parisian fashion house best known for radical pieces in recent times could surely benefit from the costume designer’s future forward fashion […]

These Japanese Wrapping Cloth-inspired Shoes are Worn by Wrapping Around Your Feet

Shoe sizing is a complicated business. Traditionally, sizing is based the length and to some extend, width, which seems to work fine so far, but what shoe size did not and will not take into consideration is the shape of the foot above the sole. With the Furoshiki Shoes, however, it will be a definite […]