Now I know how humans’ fashion may evolved from “regular” to over-the-top sci-fi fashion as seen in movies like silver screen Aeon Flux. Beatrix Aruna Pasztor is not with Balenciaga, but I think the Parisian fashion house best known for radical pieces in recent times could surely benefit from the costume designer’s future forward fashion vision.

Balenciaga x Vibram Five Toes Footwear

Anyways, what you see here is the Balenciaga x Vibram Five Toe Footwear called “Toe”. It comes in a variety of flavors, include Toe Lace-up, Toe Sock and Heeled Toe. Toe is result of a collaboration between Balenciaga and Italian footwear maker, Vibram.

Vibram itself is no stranger to radical footwear. It was the same brand behind the Japanese wrapping cloth-inspired shoes and the creator of the five-toe shoes. While Vibram’s five-toe footwear are more rugged, good for trekking items, Balenciaga x Vibram Toe are, well, high-fashion footwear.

Balenciaga x Vibram Five Toes Footwear

The footwear is made from a combination of Balenciaga’s recycled knits with Vibram’s Five Finger toe grooves. One obvious difference between this collab shoes and Vibram’s is, they have heels.

Yes. Five-toe footwear with heels. In the case of the Toe Lace-up and Toe Sock, they have suspension heels while the Heeled Toe, it has got stiletto and a ridiculous 80 mm arch. Save for the Lace-up, the rest looks like socks with a solid base and well, heels. Folks, welcome to the future of fashion.

Balenciaga x Vibram Five Toes Footwear

They ain’t cheap either. Then again, that is to be expected, isn’t it? The Balenciaga x Vibram Five Toe collection sells for US$1,290 a pair.

Balenciaga x Vibram Five Toes Footwear

Images: Balenciaga.

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Source: Luxury Launches.

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