Ok. You probably heard of about the audacious Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), AKA Straddling Bus, and you also probably heard that it was a little scam-my and it was. Well, at least, that was what the several Chinese state medias had called it. Late last year we read that the too impractical, space devouring ginormous bus was rusting away under a ridiculously tall hanger right smack on the road, rendering three lanes of the road unusable by everyday traffic. Obviously, it became more of annoyance then pride and joy for the citizens of Hebei. It was effectively a white elephant and a grim reminder that not all bold endeavors are meant to be.

China’s Failed Traffic Elevated Bus Is Being Dismantled

Anyways, we all know what happened next, but it was not until last week that it was made official that China’s bold, ambitious bus-over-traffic is too good for today’s world. In other words, it is dead. So very, very dead. In fact, it was reported that the 300 meters (984 feet) worth of test track was in the process of being demolished. Workers can be seen painstakingly removing the rail with jackhammers in the photos circulating online. We are not sure how was the progress of the removal so far and if the road has been reinstated. While it is confirmed that the track is being removed, or removed. We are not sure what’s the fate of the tall-ass hanger and the thing that supposed to be mass transportation of the future residing in it.

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China’s Failed Traffic Elevated Bus Is Being Dismantled

Also, we did not hear anything about the ‘stations’ which were built to facilitate the access to the TEB. Whatever it is, the great straddling bus is confirmed as part of the history. Perhaps, it is time to move on to a proven mass mover system, like for example, a Maglev line, which has reportedly progressed on to comprehensive testing in Beijing?

China’s Failed Traffic Elevated Bus Is Being Dismantled

China’s Failed Traffic Elevated Bus Is Being Dismantled

Qinhuangdao City’s Transit Elevated Bus Fails

Qinhuangdao City’s Transit Elevated Bus

Images and source: Shanghaiist.

Additional images: HK01.

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