Karlmann King Luxury SUV

Lets face it. Not everyone has the technical skills to make a real life Batman Tumbler like Bob did and also, not everyone is lucky enough to be commandeering a replica Tumbler in a race like, for example, Gumball 3000 Rally. Similarly, not everyone will have the chance to get behind the stick of a stealth fight like the F-117A Nighthawk. But fret not, if you have vaults of cash waiting to be disposed off, there is this: Karlmann King Luxury SUV.

Karlmann King Luxury SUV

Inspired by the iconic jagged stealth fighter, Karlmann King Luxury SUV is you next best alternative to The Dark Knight’s Tumbler or the Nighthawk. One look, you will understand why it is so. Just look at the thing! It is so damn jagged as though it is ready to deflect enemies’ radar. If there’s a ground radar that detects cars, this thing will probably evade it. Probably. Cos’ the material is certainly NOT radar-absorbing stuff.

Karlmann King Luxury SUV

Anywho… at least, it is as close to a real-life Tumbler you can get and one ‘Tumbler’ that can actually go fast and yet practical enough for your local parking spaces. Power comes from a gas-guzzling 6.8L V10 unit that delivers out a healthy 400 horsepower. Under normal circumstances, that figure won’t be just ‘healthy’, but considering how much heft that it has, 400 HP sounds just about enough. Not super, but enough.

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Speaking of heft, Karlmann King Luxury SUV can weighs anything between 9,000 and 12,000 lbs, depending on the customization you opted and that includes the possibility of bulletproof the exterior. That said, even with 400 horses, a quick get away from any potential harassers is not quite possible as this baby makes a modest 87 mph, tops. As mentioned, it is totally customizable and you know what that means. It means a cabin to your liking.

You can have virtually any thrown in the already space age-ish interior, including starry ceiling ambient lighting, widescreen 4K HD TV, refrigerator, Nespresso machine, small safe, stow-able tray, Playstation 4 console and whatever you dream of. I bet Batman doesn’t have that kind of luxury in his trusty Tumbler.

Basically, anything is possible with Karlmann King. Well, almost anything, with the exception of going really, really fast and the inclusion of Browning .50 cal machine gun. The jagged form may not be the most aerodynamic, but man, I am so digging the look. But dig I can only do and not buy because, this thing commands an astronomical $1,800,000 or more. Yes. That’s nearly 2 freaking millions! Holy cow. Promo video after the break.

Images: Karlmann King.

Source: Cool Material.