Thermo Tent 6

The basis of any tent is to provide its occupants shelter, but if you really think about, does your tent really does that? Sure, we have no doubt it does, but it will not keep the noisy party outside, nor will you keep warm or cool when the weather is cold or hot, does it? Obviously, those are the sacrifices a tent has to make for them to be portable, I guess, but to Irish native Derek O’Sullivan and Thermo Tents, those are compromises that they won’t accept and hence the birth of Thermo Tent 6. Billed as the world’s first correctly thermally and acoustically insulated tent, this humongous tent will keep you cool when Mother Nature cranks up the heat and keep you warm if the environment outside is cold. And on top of that, it will keep unwanted noise out so you can have a good night rest while your fellow campers continue with their party all night long.

Thermo Tent 6
A complete Thermo Tent 6 gives you two sleeping quarters, a bright spacious living room, and an even porch.

So how does Thermo Tent achieve those? By keeping it insulated with an innovative insulation technology comprising of breathable materials such as poly-cotton and cotton-based insulation. And the best part about this innovative tent is, while it takes care of your camping needs, it can also be applied to refugee camps, providing the coolness or warm the displaced folks need and at the same time, allowing them the privacy they deserve. Of course, the disaster relief version’s design varies a little, but the concept remains the same and serve the same purpose. As far as Thermo Tent is concerned, it offers two bedrooms which are individually acoustically insulated, a bright spacious living area with side windows, front and side doors, and even a porch complete with cover sheet. It will probably feel like a home away from home, if you ask us.

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Other worthy mentions include poly-cotton/polyester with ripstop flysheet, Oxford 210D ground sheet, HT steel and fiberglass poles, fire retardant built, durable plastic pegs that won’t turn in windy conditions, reflective pegs and guy lines for night visibility and B3 standard mesh. Size-wise, the exterior stretches 7m (23 feet) long, including the porch, 4m across (13 feet) and 2.2m tall (7.2 feet), while the inner tent is 2.3m long (7.6 feet), 3.8m wide (12.5 feet) and 2.1m tall (7 feet).

If you are all for a comfy, spacious tent, you can support Thermo Tents’ endeavor on Kickstarter, where you will be able to pre-order a complete Thermo Tent 6 for €1,190 or about US$1,285. It is a crowdfunding project and therefore, whether if you will see this at your doorstep in July depends on if the campaign will reach its set funding goal in the next 35 days.

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