You see the black poles sticking out from the floor and shelves in the image above? Those are the new smart home monitoring system (read: security camera) from Panasonic called HomeHawk FLOOR and they are also functional lamp too. Clever, right? I mean, at this point, most home security cameras are in-your-face “I-am-a-security-camera” obvious, but HomeHawk FLOOR is clearly designed to be super discreet.

Panasonic HomeHawk Security Camera Floor Lamp

In short, it is a home security camera disguised as a functional standing lamp. And like any standing lamp, all it needs is an outlet and it is good to go. Building on the success of the company’s line of HomeHawk smart devices, FLOOR features a monitoring camera with 140-degree wide-angle lens for a sweeping view of any space, a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication (read: scare the shit out of intruders), and it totally compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

It connects to the WiFi and works with the HomeHawk app to let you discreetly keep an eye on your home, and it also integrates with other Panasonic HomeHawk products, like the HomeHawk SHELF, HomeHawk Front Door Camera, all we as the second-gen Panasonic HD remote home monitoring camera.

Panasonic HomeHawk Security Camera Floor Lamp

Other features include motion-activated ambient light, 1080p videoing, built-in motion detection, 2-second pre-recording before motion detection, customizable installation with 3 heights (2-, 4-, 6-feet), smart control with geofencing, backup battery power (with 8x AA batteries, not included), and customizable activity zones to set areas within the camera’s view to receive motion alerts.

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Panasonic HomeHawk Smart Home Monitoring System comes in two finishes: Black satin (KX-HNC850B) and Gray fabric (KX-HNC850G), and they sell for $249.95 and $279.95, respectively.

Panasonic HomeHawk Security Camera Floor Lamp

Images: Panasonic.

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