A home in San Jose, Santa Clara County in California, USA, is selling for $800,000 which seems like quite an unreal deal for this area where median price for a single family home is around $1.4 million. That’s until you found out that the price tag is for, wait for it… a fire-ravaged home. This house had a fire and what you see in the picture is pretty much what’s left of it. As a consolation, the burnt but not quite charred structure is still standing, albeit in a dilapidated state.

Fire-ravaged Home Selling For $800K

Obviously, for that kind money, you will be getting both the tattered structure plus the 5,800 square-foot land it sits on. The structure is reportedly good for remodeling which should save you some money as compared to tearing it down and building from the ground up. But really? Lets get real. Would you still want to reuse those walls? If you are, you really should get professionals to have a look first. But what do I know, right? I am not even in Cali, much less the Valley.

Skepticism aside, this property is not without its pluses (or maybe just ‘plus’). Besides being located in Silicon Valley, it is close to San Jose’s Diridon station near Google Village where Google will have offices, research sites and retail stores in the area. I am no pro in real estate, but I still think it is a tad too pricey for what it is. That, however, will be a different story if I was richie rich. Then, in that case, $800,000 would be a steal. I am not to lie. This is the weirdest thing I have read all day and you bet this is going straight to into our “weird stuff” section.

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Images: Willow Glen Charm.

via Gizmodo.

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