There are many ways to hang a pair of pants or jeans but none of the methods is easy to do and they will result in creases and clip marks. Granted, creases and clip marks may not get under the skin of everyone but they do to you like it does to me, then look no further than the Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 by CollaboSpace.

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 by CollaboSpace

As the product name implies, it is the second iteration of a hanger designed specifically for pants. The fact that it is a second version goes to show how serious CollaboSpace is with ensuring pants are hung right.

Oh right. CollaboSpace, for those who don’t know, is the maker behind the world’s most crowdfunded clothes hangers. Yep. They are kind of a specialist in this field.

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 by CollaboSpace

With the Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0, it inherits the v1.0’s traits, including a unique, patent-pending design that allows for hanging pants and accessories with ease and without the aforementioned creases and clip marks.

With the v2.0, 2.36 inches (6 cm) longer, allowing it to hang anything from 29 inches to 40 inches (74 to 102 cm) waistbands or additional clothes. Furthermore, the new iteration now boasts a wider U-type hook for hanging belts, hats, or other clothes.

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 by CollaboSpace

Finally, completing the new and improved version is an electroplated stainless steel swivel hook.

CollaboSpace has taken to Kickstarter to peddle its latest creation. Speaking of which, you can learn more about this awesome new hanger on Kickstarter where, if so desired, you can help make it a reality by pledging for a product. Prices start at US$29 for a pack of 20.

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 by CollaboSpace
Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 by CollaboSpace

Images: CollaboSpace.

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