Most multi-tools should work fine at home or at most job sites, but if you need to do more like, for example, stopping advancing zombies on their tracks, well, look no further than The Lil Trucker. It’s creator calls it the ultimate multi-tool, but it really is the ultimate survival tool. Innovation Factory, the folks behind Lil Trucker, is just being humble. Not that the zombie shorts (which you can find below) has any influence on us, but with a hatchet blade right on top of it, you’d know that apart from chopping up firewood for the night’s warm, the blade there can do a whole lot more. It is a survivalist’s tool that packs over 10 functions including can opener, folding saw, glass breaker, strap cutter, pry bar, hammer, hex wrench, spanner, wire twist and more.

The Lil Trucker Multi-tool Hatchet

Basically, it has everything you need to survive, be it for fixing a gas valve leak, boarding up the windows and doors, or up a makeshift early warning system. On one hand, it takes care of some of home improvement stuff and on the other, it could even save your dear life. Plus, it looks kind of handsome. Note: canned food not include. For even better survivability, you should consider the optional survival companion which comes with a magnesium and ferrocerium rods, a whistle and a sharpener to keep your Lil Trucker in pristine sharpness. And oh, did we mention that is made in the good’ol US of A and is backed by a lifetime warranty?

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Want one? Then back Innovation Factory’s campaign on Kickstarter to secure yourself one for $69. Sorry folks. We are kind of late on this one. Early bird tiers have all been snapped up. Our bad. We apologize. Anyways, it is still a tad cheaper than its eventual price of $79.

The Lil Trucker Multi-tool Hatchet

Kickstarter via Cool Material

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