Mozu Hanger Is Made From 40% Wheat Grass And Holds Up To 5 Pounds

I don’t believe we have featured a lot of clothes hanger here (quite a few coat hangers, though). Mostly because, hanger is just a hanger. There isn’t much to innovate. But like the Hurdle Hanger we saw previously, the Mozu Hanger by Ensu Design managed to find a little room for innovations.

Say Goodbye To The Frustration With Hanging Clothes With This Ingenious Hurdle Hanger

Just yesterday, I was just going through my clothes to free up some wardrobe space. The process was easy if not the hangers. I hate the time spend struggling to fit the t-shirts and I cringe every time I have stretch the neckline to fit. Then, I saw this today: the Collabo Space Hurdle Hanger.