I don’t believe we have featured a lot of clothes hanger here (quite a few coat hangers, though). Mostly because, hanger is just a hanger. There isn’t much to innovate. But like the Hurdle Hanger we saw previously, the Mozu Hanger by Ensu Design managed to find a little room for innovations.

Mozu Hanger by Ensu Design

Apparently, it is patented too. If I can be honest, it is not as “radical” as the last hanger we saw. In fact, it looks much like my existing hangers, but with better, stronger and earth-friendly material, and sleeker.

It has the usual innovative notch to allow ease of hanging and removing clothes without stretching the collar and even without unbuttoning the shirt. Moreover, because of design, it will work well with baby and small children clothes too.

Mozu Hanger by Ensu Design

The purposeful curve of the hangar makes sliding in and out easily and the thin design takes up less of your precious closet space. It is made from 40 percent renewable wheat straw and can hold up to 5 lbs without breaking a sweat. Not that anyone has clothes weighing that much, but it is good to know that it is a tough hanger.

There is also a bamboo version planned, but that will only be offered if there are enough backers (30,000, to be exact). The campaign has more than meet its funding goal, though.

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You can learn more about the Mozu Hanger over at Kickstarter where, if you desire, you can also pre-order it for US$31 for 20-pack, US$59 for 40-pack, or US$104-115 for the 80-pack wheat straw hangers.

All images courtesy of Ensu Design.

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