Underwater scooter maker Sublue is officially getting into the business of pool cleaning. The brand has recently launched its first robot pool cleaner, called BlueNexus, on Kickstarter. BlueNexus is an intelligent, cordless wall-climbing robotic pool cleaner that uses advanced path planning technology to clean the entire pool from edge to edge, including the walls, floor, scrubbing the waterline, and more.

Sublue BlueNexus Robot Pool Cleaner

BlueNexus is completely cordless; all it needs is a communication pod in tow on the surface of the pool to afford it complete autonomy. It features a proprietary 3D pool map planning and navigation system called Geoguru that uses no less than 12 sensors, including underwater ultrasonic and infrared laser-integrated ranging sensors and an underwater SLAM algorithm to autonomously map, and plan the path with precision. Like a land-based robot vacuum, it can avoid obstacles and it promises it will not scuff up the pool walls.

BlueNexus is armed with a 100W high-performance suction motor with a suction rate of up to 17-meter-cube per hour, enabling it to capture debris and dirt with ease while a large capacity filter chamber ensures debris and dirt don’t get back into the pool.

Sublue BlueNexus Robot Pool Cleaner

It features an easy-to-clean basket design that lets you remove debris and dirt with ease. The robot pool cleaner has 5 cleaning modes – including the ability to customize and control yourself. And when it is done, it will float back up to where you have dropped it off.

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It is outfitted with a 28,500 mAh battery paired with an advanced BMS chip that provides it with up to 210 minutes of runtime on a single charge. Recharging takes just 3.5 hours. The device is suitable for all types of pools, and it is, of course, app-enabled, and supports OTA remote upgrade.

If you are intrigued, you may learn more about the Sublue BlueNexus Robot Pool Cleaner on Kickstarter where, if so desire, you may also pre-order a unit for US$599 or more.

Sublue BlueNexus Robot Pool Cleaner

Images: Sublue.

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