A clothes hanger is a hanging device for the hanging of a dress, blouse, shirt, or pants and skirt. A Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0, on the other hand, is a hanger designed specifically for easy hanging and organizing pants, loose shirts, and fashion accessories.

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 Review

That’s right. Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 is not just a hanger for pants; it is also good as an OOTD organizer. As the name implies, this is the second version. Inheriting the original’s patent-pending design, the new version is now wider to accommodate larger size pants. The signature U-type hook is also wider too, affording it to hang more stuff.

It all sounds good on paper and so, the real question here is: does it lives up to expectations? Well, folks, that’s what we are going to find out in this article. We are fortunate enough to get our hands on a pre-production sample and first off, we are impressed by the built quality and the material used. Anyhoo, here’s what we found out…

The Product

Now, there is no such thing as the perfect hanger but I think the Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 may be as close to perfect as a hanger for pants can get given the variety of pants’ design and materials. Plus, it is one hell of a good-looking hanger which is perfect for folks (me, included) who are obsessed with their wardrobe’s aesthetic. Not going to lie, it is the best-looking hanger I have seen so far, and trust me, I have seen quite a bit of hanger in my life:

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 Review
Some of the hangers that I have tried.

The Material

Special mention has to be given to the material used. Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, widely known by its acronym “ABS”, which is commonly used in gadgets and even toys like LEGO bricks. The material is durable and it has a nice touch to it. ABS, being a tough material, ensures that it won’t easily break like most plastic hangers when accidentally dropped from a height.

The Hanging

The most common methods for hanging pants are folding the pants and clamp-type. The latter is the worst as it is difficult to handle. The Hanger for Pants 2.0 is advertised as a hanger that lets you hang a pair of pants in one swift move. Well, about that… there is some getting use of before you get to “one swift move” as you see in the video.

Plus, your pants have to be of a certain level of stiffness too. Else, you’d be struggling to slip the hanger in. But overall, it works as intended with special mention for “lifting” of the pants and accessories higher up than it was on regular hangers, thus allowing more space below the clothes.

It is also super thin, which is a major contrast to my current solution (which is super squeezy as it is), and I welcome that:

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 Review

Like I have said, it is not perfect. The looping through belt loops method is brilliant and all but it is not without shortcomings. Firstly, it will only play well with pants that have belt loops. Secondly, since it loops through the back of the pants, the front of the pants tends to “droop” forward.

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Not going to lie, this can be rather annoying for a person who is borderline OCD like me. This drooping phenomenon is even more apparent if the pants are not stiffer like, say, jeans. Thirdly, hanging by the belt loops means the pants will require the full extent of the wardrobe, height-wise. Not the best use case in my scenario due to the double tier hanging system.

However, if you are already hanging pants in their full height, then the aforementioned “lift” is definitely a boon. Thankfully, I can still hang my pants the traditional way, i.e. by folding. As you can see, the extra lift comes into play with my wardrobe setup. It allows for more space between the pants’ bottom with the lower tier hanging bar:

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 Review
You see it has more clearance (photo on the right) because of the “lift”.

The U-type Hook

I dig that, a lot. Another obvious boon with the Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 is it has the space for fashion accessories like belts, hats, and whatnot, thereby saving you the hassle of getting another hanging contraption that would further clutter the wardrobe. Though I have to admit, I do not necessarily have the use for this feature, except for hanging my belt. Oh, wait. I can’t. More on that in a jiffy.

Anywho, folks who have the habit of preparing sets of outfit of the day (OOTD), or anyone who just love organizing clothes and accessories into preset sets will find good use of the U-type hook. As far as fashion accessories go, this hanger will save you the need for another hanging contraption but there’s a caveat. While Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 does have a hook for accessories which is supposed to be good for belts too, it is not good for all types of belts:

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 Review
Not exactly the most secure way of hanging a non-pin and buckle belt.

As you can see, it is not good for belts not using the usual pin and buckle fastener. But I think I may have found an alternate way if I really want the belt to go with a particular pair of pants:

The Verdict


•   Beautiful design
•   Quality material and build
•   Slim design with “lift”


•   “Droop” phenomena when hung through belt loops
•   Full length hanging only works with pants with belt loops
•   Accessories hook not suitable for all types of belt
Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 Review
I can still hang a non-pin and buckle belt but as ideal as you can see.

Overall, I love the hanger. It is slim and it lifts the pants up which is good for my current wardrobe setup. Seeing how it “lifts” the clothes, I may consider getting the Hurdle Hangers too. You know, for the sake of a seamless look. Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 does work as intended and it looks great too but it is never perfect. Neither will any hanger due to the nature of fashion. However, it is as close to perfect as a hanger for pants can get. And oh, you do need to prepare to retrain yourself on how to hang up pants if you decide to pick up this hanger.

CollaboSpace, the studio behind Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 (and the most-funded hanger in crowdfunding history) is available for a limited time on Kickstarter at a special price from US$39 for a pack of 20. If all goes as planned, i.e. it gets funded, delivery will happen sometime in August 2022. The hanger is production-ready. All it now needs is support from you.

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 Review

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