Imagine a future where personal computer kinda of melts into your home environment. You know? Like, it is there but not there at the same time. No more eye-jabbing clunky monitor and PC enclosure, but yet, it there to use when you need to use it. Such is what this so-called “invisible PC” by YouTube channel DIY Perks is about.

PC Integrated Desk with Monitor Integrated Shelf

DIY Perks’ PC is literally hiding in plain sight… including the huge-ass super wide monitor. Now, the idea of packing a PC into a custom desk is definitely not new. Linus recently did it too. But we definitely love DIY Perks’ iteration that uses both real wood and aluminum.

However, I thought the coolest part is, it didn’t even have a monitor. OK, well, It has, but not until you need to use it. It is hidden under that matching shelf up top. When you need to use it, just unlatch and swing the iiyama G-Master 34-inch super wide monitor down. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

PC Integrated Desk with Monitor Integrated Shelf

Plus, you have a shelf for your whatever you need to display. That, and the fact that you now have the entire desk real estate for other activities is just about the coolest concept ever.

Keep going to check how the desk is done, as well as part two of the video that showcases how the concealed monitor is done.

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Images: YouTube (DIY Perks).

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