We don’t believe it has a name yet but here are the first images of Jeep’s very first all-electric SUV. Two images were published today with no further information other than the all-new electric Jeep will be launched early next year – in 2023.

Jeep Shares Images Of First Electric Jeep

One thing we can all be sure of is, it is definitely a 4×4. I mean, it’s electric and a Jeep. How could it not be a 4×4? And yes, it is going to be a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). Like what else could it be? The hydrogen fuel cell isn’t taking off, you know? And good luck depending on the sun.

Wait. Is it me or does this unnamed all-electric Jeep looks like a cross between a Cherokee and a Range Rover Evoque? Anywho… We can’t wait to learn what’s under the hood.

Jeep Shares Images Of First Electric Jeep

Images courtesy of Jeep.

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