If you haven’t already heard Stellantis Group has joined the (PRODUCT)RED, making it the first multi-brand car partner. The announcement was actually made last year. I know. We are a little late on this but guess what? It’s not all too late because not only you can still buy the initiated announced automobiles, but more models will be joining the Stellantis’ (PRODUCT)RED portfolio.

2022 (Jeep)RED Compass Edition SUV
2022 (Jeep)RED Compass Edition SUV

The Stellantis’ (PRODUCT)RED lineup includes a 2022 (Jeep)RED Compass Edition, a 2022 RAM 1500 Limited (RAM)RED which is based on the awesome RAM 1500 Limited Night, a FIAT new (500)RED electric model based on the FIAT 500 Electric, and a Fiat (Panda)RED.

RAM truck is available now while the (PRODUCT)RED Jeep Compass will be available this quarter (Q1) in North America. A 2022 (Jeep)RED Renegade will join the portfolio “soon after”. It will be offered in the U.S. and Canada, followed by the EU in the “second half of 2022”.

2022 Ram 1500 Limited (RAM)RED Truck
2022 Ram 1500 Limited (RAM)RED Truck

In addition, both Jeep and RAM have launched a bunch of (RED) lifestyle products to complement your new or soon-to-be (RED) SUV or truck. Unfortunately, only folks across the Atlantic Ocean will be getting the (RED) FIAT 500 and Panda as they are, for now, Europe exclusives.

FIAT is taking reservations for the 500 and the Panda is available to buy for a starting price of 13,200 euro (about US$14,683+). Speaking of FIAT, the Italian marque actually has two more (RED) automobiles: the 500X and the Tipo Station Wagon.

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(FIAT)RED Family
(FIAT)RED Family

You can learn more about the new 2022 (Jeep)RED Compass Edition HERE and the new 2022 RAM 1500 Limited (RAM)RED HERE.

All told, this collaboration is expected to help deliver over US$4 million to fund the fight for global health emergencies, including AIDS and COVID-19, in the next three years (2021-2023).

Images: Stellantis Group.

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