You have seen candle-powered lamp and candle-powered Bluetooth speaker. Now meet Lumir K, a desk lamp that is powered by cooking oil. Unlike traditional kerosene lamp, the cooking oil is not directly involved in generating the light. In other words, the burning wick is not the source of light. Instead, it is the source that enables a phenomena known as Seebeck Effect.

Lumir K Cooking Oil-powered LED Lamp

Seebeck Effect, in short, occurs when a temperature difference between two dissimilar electrical conductors or semiconductors produces a voltage difference between two substances. The electricity produced as a result of this effect is then use to power a set of LEDs. The result, a 100 lumens bright desk lamp that will benefit anyone from those in an emergency such as an outage to campers to folks in areas who do not have access to electricity.

What’s really interesting about this light is, it can use virtually any kind of cooking oil and it is way more frugal than your hybrid car, consuming just 5 millimeter (0.17 oz) of oil for an hour of lighting. On top of that, it has a super life span of 10 year. Now, that is pretty sustainable lighting solution.

Lumir K Cooking Oil-powered LED Lamp was funded on Indiegogo recently where it was selling for around $34. It is unclear when it will be available to non backers.

All images courtesy of Lumir.

Source: Yanko Design.

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