Porsche Shovel April Fool’s Day Prank 2024

Porsche is no stranger to shovel. You can actually buy a Porsche folding shovel, or spade, for your digging needs. So when Porsche teases a complete shovel, it is kind of no surprise. Except that it was not real. It was part of the automaker’s April Fool’s prank but strangely, Porsche chose to share the prank only on its TikTok account.

Porsche Shovel April Fool’s Day Prank 2024

Nevertheless, it has garnered nearly a million likes and over 125,000 shares. It has 3.3 million followers on TikTok, btw. Anyhoo… back to the shovel… it looks like any other shovel but more elegant (I guess?) and it has the Porsche branding on the stem and the iconic Porsche crest on the spade.

It is not foldable so, it would be suitable for cars, IMHO. Not that you can buy one. Unlike some convincing April Fool’s Day pranks, Porsche outright tells that this is not real by saying “coming never”. It is still fun to know.


We’re not done gardening around yet. 🥕🚜 Who’d cop our Porsche Mission E Tractor spade? 🤩 Coming never. #AprilFoolsDay

♬ original sound – Porsche

Images: TikTok (porsche).