It is ashamed that LEGO did not have official monster trucks, but as a consolation, it does have its own monster trucks of sort of its own and a pretty extreme one at that. Meet the LEGO Technic 42099 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader, a super cool looking LEGO Technic truck that fits the bill of a monster truck. It packs 958 pieces which includes an advanced Smart Hub with 3 motors that drives it.

Control is via your smartphone using the LEGO Technic Control+ app. With it, you can do what you expect from a RC vehicle, including drive forward, reverse, steer, accelerate, brake and climb over obstacles. In addition, the app also provides you with real-time feedback, such as the speed and tilt log, lets you test your skill in challenges to secure achievement badges and play cool sound effects.

LEGO Technic 42099 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader

The vehicle itself is quite a piece engineering too. It features raised independent suspension, enormous wheels with chunky off-road tires, and complex gear mechanisms. This is definitely child’s play. It is recommended for kids of at least 11 and over. Here’s a list of key features:

• This cool toy truck model is controlled via the LEGO® TECHNIC™ CONTROL+ app and powered by an advanced Smart Hub with 2 XL motors and 1 L motor for a more immersive play experience, authentic movements and hours of fun.
• The app-controlled LEGO® 4×4 X-treme Off-Roader is operated via a smart device with 3 alternative screens. Go to check for a list of compatible smart devices.
• Multi-function control: Drive forward, reverse, steer, accelerate, brake, traverse obstacles, play sound effects and get real-time feedback, such as a speed and tilt log.
• One-touch control: Drag a direction on the screen and see the 4×4 carry out the maneuver.
• Challenges & achievements: Complete challenges to unlock achievement badges.
• Sturdy app-controlled LEGO® truck with high-rise independent suspension, large wheels and chunky tires.
• Smart Hub features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, activation button, 6 axis sensor (3 gyro and 3 accelerometer sensors) and 4 connectivity ports.
• Download the LEGO® TECHNIC™ CONTROL+ app from the App Store or Google Play. Ask your parents’ permission before going online.
• This remote-controlled truck requires batteries (not included). Please refer to the product packaging for type and quantity.
• This buildable LEGO® Technic™ model introduces LEGO builders to advanced elements of engineering, while improving reaction times, cognitive thinking and creative problem-solving skills.
• Not compatible with LEGO® Power Functions systems.
• 4×4 X-treme Off-Roader measures over 7” (19cm) high, 12” (33cm) long and 8” (22cm) wide.

The LEGO Technic 42099 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader is available now, retailing for $249.99. Yikes. Well, the price ain’t no child’s play too, eh? But that’s just LEGO for us.

You can find it on, as well as on Amazon.

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All images courtesy of LEGO.

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