There is a Chinese saying that goes like “if there is perseverance, even a rod can be grounded into a needle” (basically, “as long as there is perseverance, strokes fell great oaks”). Well, you know what? It couldn’t be more true as demonstrated by Twitter user Kiwamikouba (YouTuber Kiwami Japan). Not only did Kiwamikouba prove that with perseverance, he can turn pretty much anything (including food!) into very sharp knives, he also demonstrated that everything in the kitchen has the potential to be turned into a knife – with a lot of time, that is.

He has turned chocolate, wood, plate and even pasta, into fit-for-slicing-and-dicing knives, and recently, he did something which we never thought it was even possible: transforming a roll of plastic shrink wrap, AKA cellophane, into a sharp knife that cuts like regular plastic knives (or perhaps, even better). Obviously, plastic food wrap knife don’t happen in a jiffy. It demands a lot of work. Like, seriously lot of work, including packing multiple layers of the wrap, melting them and then hardening it into a solid plastic board before shaping into a Chef’s knife.

After achieving the shape, in comes the long and intricate process of sharping it with sandpapers and whetstones of varying grade. The final result is a plastic food wrap knife that can slice through cucumber and tomato as well as regular metal knives. Kiwamikouba even gave it a non-metallic sharpness ranking that places it in four position after the plate, wood and pasta knives. So, yeah. It is pretty darn sharp which kind of puts plastic wrap in the same notoriety as the metal cutting blade on the package (after a lot of work, that is).

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Well, what can I say? I am absolutely blown away, and hence, this post. Go ahead and check out the summary of the build in the video below.

Image: YouTube.

Animated GIF and source: Sploid.

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