Turning Aluminum Foil Into Aluminum Ball

Unless you have been living under the rock, deep at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, you would have heard about a recent challenge of turning aluminum foil into a solid-looking, shiny aluminum ball. It is quite an amazing stuff, really. Something which I never knew can be done, but as one Japanese youth, YouTuber SKYtomo, shown us, it is totally possible. To cut long story short. SKYtomo is a Japanese youth who posted a video of him turning regular aluminum foil into a shiny, aluminum ball. The process was, naturally, not easy.

It requires some artisanal skills. It involves crumbling some (more like a lot) of foil into a roundish object and using a hammer (or mallet), to carefully “solidify” it and fine tuning the roundness. After which, the newly form, but still pretty rough looking aluminum foil ball goes through a long process of sanding to smooth it down (and also to further fine tune the roundness), followed by a series of polishing to give it an incredible shine. The result is absolutely mind-blowing. Like the plastic food wrap knife before this post, we never knew it could be done.

Turning Aluminum Foil Into Aluminum Ball
Left: After; Right: Before. Mind.Blown.

Sure, we know aluminum foil can be squished into a ball-like shape, but one that looks absolutely like a solid metal ball? Not going to lie. Never knew it could be done. SKYtomo video quickly goes viral. His video, posted on YouTube on March 10, has already garnered over 3 million views and sparked a global aluminum foil ball challenge. Though we not quite sure if SKYtomo was the first person to get the ball rolling. But one thing for sure: it all started in Japan. Also, it was something bored youth could do that is a lot more purposeful. The aluminum foil ball is a test of a person’s patience, perseverance, level of attention to detail and how well a person can work his or her hands.

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In a way, it is an art. Whatever it is, it is definitely a way better thing to do for youths to burn up their pent-up boredom then say, eating Tide Pods. Just saying…

Images: YouTube.