I know some folks are such a huge fan of Star Trek’s Spock that they’d sport the Vulcan’s pointy ear all-day long. If you are one them, then the Star Trek Vulcan Bluetooth In-ear Headphones from Anovos will be right up your galactic alley. I mean, what’s not to love? Well, for Star Trek/Vulcan/Spock superfans, at least, because you get to enjoy your favorite tunes in private while looking the part of a Vulcan. Pro tip: try to keep a straight face like Spock to complete the look.

Star Trek Vulcan Wireless Earbuds

Usually in-ear headphones are meant to be discreet, but this one begs to differ. It screams “I am a Star Trek fan!” so loudly that it is sure to turn heads. Whether or not that is a good thing is really down to individual. An oh, the pale skin color there? It matches the Pantone and color as used on Vulcan skin tone in the Star Trek: The Original Series. Apparently, the skin tone thingy is only available to this wireless variant. So, yes, it also has a wired version, but that wouldn’t be as convincing, would it?

Star Trek Vulcan Wireless Earbuds

Anywho, Vulcan-look aside, this is personal music gear/accessory features an inline microphone and remote for taking calls and music control, flexible rubber ear tips for comfort wear, wireless audio streaming (obviously), and a built-in rechargeable battery offering 4-5 hours of operation per 2-hour charge. Like many earbuds of today, it comes with three ear bud sizes to suit different sound holes. Star Trek Vulcan Wireless In-ear Headphones is available on Anovos website for $40 a pop.

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Be warned, though; Anovos does not shipped everywhere. So, we suggest you check the regions it covers before putting down the order because, the website comes with straight face (likely Spock-approved) warning that “territories not listed will be immediately cancelled & refunded.”

Images: Anovos.

via io9.

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