Polaris Industries is best known for powersports vehicles but you may not be aware that they sell coolers too. They sure do and if you are a patriot of the good’ol US of A, or the Great White North, i.e. Canada, Polaris has just the coolers for you this summer.

Polaris Limited Edition Patriot Northstar Cooler

Ahead of Canada Day (July 01), and Independence Day (July 04) aka the day of annoying backyard fireworks, Polaris added a celebratory Limited Edition Patriot Northstar Cooler to its Northstar Cooler lineup. The Patriot Northstar Cooler features American and Canadian flag colors and designs.

But here’s the thing about the new Patriot Northstar Cooler; it is not ostentatious. It was done with class, and dare I say, artistically. The cooler lets you exhibit your patriotism without shoving the American or Canadian flag down everyone’s throat.

Aesthetic aside, the Northstar Cooler has proven its durability and compatibility for off-road use – thanks to the rigorous testing with Polaris vehicles. And if you haven’t already heard, the Northstar cooler is known for holding ice up to 30+ hours longer than other popular cooler brands.

Polaris Limited Edition Patriot Northstar Cooler

Other notables include ComfortCarry Handles, NoSlip Rubber Feet, IceLock Sealing, and TravelLock Tie-Downs that simplify loading and hauling whatever’s inside – the technology will protect users’ goods in extreme heat and even in a bear attack.

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The red, white, and blue U.S. LE Patriot Northstar Cooler comes in 30 qt, and 60 qt, and sells for US$279.99 and US$349.99, respectively. Meanwhile, the red and white Canadian version will be offered in 60 sq size for 429.99 Canadian dollars.

For the patriotic, you will be glad to know that the sales of the celebratory cooler will benefit military-focused foundations, The Gary Sinise Foundation, and Wounded Warriors Canada.

Polaris Limited Edition Patriot Northstar Cooler
Polaris Limited Edition Patriot Northstar Cooler

Images: Polaris.

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