LG DUALCOOL Air Conditioner

If you live in a place with four seasons and still use both a split system air conditioner and a heater for your cooling and heating needs, then you may want to check out the new LG DUALCOOL Air Conditioner. But before we get into it, I have an admission.

LG DUALCOOL Air Conditioner

I would not have taken a look at the LG DUALCOOL Air Conditioner if not for the design. It is pretty unconventional as far as a wall-mounted air conditioner unit (also known as the indoor unit or blower). It is unusually boxy.

Where most indoor units strived to be as compact as possible, the LG DUALCOOL Air Conditioner makes no apologies for its boxiness. It juts out from the wall quite a bit. I guess the fact that it can push air across the ceiling or down to the floor, depending on whether it is cooling or heating, results in this design.

LG will be unveiling the new LG DUALCOOL Air Conditioner at MCE 2024, one of Europe’s biggest heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) exhibitions, in Milan, Italy from March 12-15, 2024.

LG DUALCOOL Air Conditioner

The DUALCOOL features LG’s advanced air conditioning technologies like the Soft Air function for year-round comfort and an ‘interior fit’ design for stylish home integration.

It has a dual outlet for fast, optimized temperature control, a Dual Inverter Heat Pump Compressor for reliable performance in any season, and boasts an A+++ EU energy efficiency rating that offers a year-around efficiency with a 9.5 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) in cooling and 5.1 SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance) in heating.

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In addition, DUALCOOL touts proactive energy-saving thanks to the Dual Inverter Heat Pump Compressor and kW Manager that help reduce energy costs. Using the ThinQ app, you can monitor the energy consumption in real time and set it to alert you if the target has been exceeded. Now, that’s control of energy use in your hands.

Moreover, through regularly monitoring electricity usage and analyzing operating information, the kW Manager can determine the most energy-efficient range of operation for a variety of different scenarios. And then there is the energy-saving mode that activates automatically based on room occupancy or when a window is open.

Here’s a rundown of the key features of this super cool (and hot) HVAC:

Comfortable Air Flow: The Soft Air function offers customized cooling with a gentle, indirect breeze. The DUAL Vane system allows air to be sent in multiple directions, increasing airflow range by 22% and efficiency by up to 23% in cooling and 6% in heating.

Human Detection Sensor: Adjusts airflow based on the distance to occupants, ensuring comfort whether you prefer direct or indirect air.

Proactive Energy-Saving: Features like the Dual Inverter Heat Pump Compressor and kW Manager help reduce energy costs, with a 9.5 SEER in cooling and 5.1 SCOP in heating. Energy-saving mode activates automatically based on room occupancy or when a window is open.

Easy and Convenient Indoor Unit Care: Auto Cleaning and Freeze Cleaning features enhance hygiene by removing moisture and preventing mold, as well as washing away bacteria and debris.

The new LG DUALCOOL Air Conditioner will be available in Italy starting in April, with plans to expand to other EU countries. Pricing has not been revealed, though.

Images: LG.