ZiiLock Foldable Biometric Keyless Bike Lock

While we cannot attest to reliability of the ZiiLock Foldable Biometric/Keyless Bike Lock, we are pretty intrigued by what it has bring to the table, both in the looks department as well as the features. The aesthetic is pretty self-explanatory. It is beautiful and minimalistic. But the real meat here is what it has to offer. ZiiLock touts itself as the “world’s first foldable biometric bike guard.”

ZiiLock Foldable Biometric Keyless Bike Lock

This mean, instead of a key, it lets you unlock it using your fingerprint. Now, that’s the future of bike lock there. Though you totally can unlock with the good’ol fashion key. But more on that in a jiffy. If you so choose to, you can also unlock ZiiLock with your phone via Bluetooth which, btw, is encrypted by AES 256 military-grade security, or so we read. The circuitry is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that is good for 3 months use.

In the event the battery conks out while you are using it, there is a physical spare key to the rescue, or you can simple charge it up with a portable via the lock’s USB Type-C interface to get it to unlock.

ZiiLock Foldable Biometric Keyless Bike Lock

Other notables include high-resolution capacitive fingerprint sensor, quick 0.5s biometric unlocking, up to 20 fingerprints can be registered, 98 centimeters (3.2 feet) tempered-hardened steel folding “chain” with soft rubber coating, grant access to ZiiLock with lock sharing, always-on theft alert, and an IP67 rated construction that keeps it going rain or shine.

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ZiiLock Foldable Biometric Keyless Bike Lock is available from Indiegogo at a discounted $99 sticker. It is filed under “flexible goal” and so, it is a pre-order which ZiiLock promised to deliver sometime in November 2019. Keep going to find the product pitch video to learn more.

All images courtesy of ZiiLock.