Drone Racing League Race4 Street Racing Drone

When it comes to super fast racing drone, you can count on Drone Racing League (DRL) to deliver one. I mean, they don’t make Guinness World Records for nothing, right? Anywho, the pro drone racing circuit has unveiled its next generation racing drone, the DRL Race4. It is the four iteration of its high-speed FPV drone which the world’s top 12 pilots will race the custom version at the 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship Season premiering on NBC and Twitter on Sunday, August 11, 2019, at 2PM ET.

Drone Racing League Race4 Street Racing Drone

The DRL Race4 is, btw, crazy fast. It is totally capable of rocketing from zero to 90 miles an hour (145 km/h) in no more than a second. Absolutely phenomenal. But that’s for race homologate. Drone Racing League has decided to share its high-tech racing drone with the mass market with an exclusive “street-ready” FPV drone based on the Race4, aptly called DRL Racer4 Street.

Handmade in the good’ol US of A by drone engineers at DRL, the DRL Race4 Street is a standout consumer racing drone, boasting a hard-edged carbon fiber canopy with futuristic silhouette and 1,000 colorful LED lights capable of animating in variety of designs and patterns.

It further touts an upgraded power system comprising of 21v 5S 70C lithium polymer battery (2,200 mAh) and BrotherHobby 2510 1250 kV motors paired to 7x4x3-inch props, providing the aircraft with over 16 pounds of thrust. The setup also comes bundle with plug-and-play electronics which include F4 flight controller/Betaflight4/OSD, 100 LEDs, dShot ESCs, as well as TBS Nano vTX with SmartAudio.

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Drone Racing League has taken to Kickstarter to sell DRL Race4 Street where you can secure a unit for $599. However, as with any Kickstarter campaign, DRL Race4 Street will need to meet its set funding goal in order for it to materialize. Skip ahead to watch the campaign pitch video.

Images: Drone Racing League.