Drone Racing League Launches New Racing Drone, Made A “Street” Version For Fans Too

When it comes to super fast racing drone, you can count on Drone Racing League (DRL) to deliver one. I mean, they don’t make Guinness World Records for nothing, right? Anywho, the pro drone racing circuit has unveiled its next generation racing drone, the DRL Race4. It is the four iteration of its high-speed FPV […]

Drone Racing League Built The Fastest Racing Drone, Made World Record

It is official. The world’s fastest drone is the RacerX, built by Drone Racing League (DRL). RacerX set the Guinness World Records for the Fastest ground speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter as it swooped back and forth across a measurement course of 328 feet (100 meters), clocking in a mind-bending average top speed of […]