Cooking in the wild is fun, but the fire is not. However, you can’t cook without fire, is it not? Well, actually, yes you can, if you have the Morphcooker, the world’s first electric camp stove. Fire risk? There’s none, at all. The stove itself can be collapsed to just 18 mm thick and it tips the scale at mere 350g, which makes transportation a breeze. Morphcooker is powered by an accompanying control and power module which also serves as a handy power bank and flashlight we the need arises. The power module can be pre-charged at home using the power outlet, in the car while traveling, or using solar panels when outdoor.

Morphcooker - The World’s First Electric Camp Stove

On a single charge, Morphcooker will provide between 26 and 104 minutes of cooking time, depending on heat level. It will take just 2 hours to get the power module fully topped via an outlet, or 7 hours with solar panel. Anyways, the plus here is, obviously, the lack of fire which means you won’t accidentally set the forest on fire and of course, portability (which we totally dig). The cooker itself features a high-grade stainless steel frame, magnetic snap lock aluminum handle, easy pour spout, burn protect area, an extendable height for different cooking styles, and of course, an integrated heating system. With the Morphcooker, you can fry, grill, boil, grill press and even bake. Seriously, baking a cake when out of grid? You can’t get any cooler than this, can you?

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Morphcooker - The World’s First Electric Camp Stove

The Morphcooker, AKA the world’s first electric camp stove, is offered in two models: Morphcooker Solo and Morphcooker Family, and it is available via Kickstarter. A pledge of NZ$139 (about US$96) will secure yourself a unit if the campaign meets its funding goal. Speaking of which, the prospect looks bright. All it needs now is your contribution to make it a reality. If you believe in NOT setting the forest alight while cooking in the great wilderness, we strongly suggest you check it out. Skip ahead for the product pitch video.

Morphcooker - The World’s First Electric Camp Stove

Images courtesy of Morphcooker.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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