If IKEA’s recommendation of recreating the iconic Monica’s living room from the series Friends totally piqued your interest, then I supposed you would’ want to miss on the Friends Yellow Peephole Photo Frame. Now, this clearly is not the first to float in the market, but this one is special. Special because, it is actually an officially-licensed Friends memorabilia and so, you know you are getting a close replica of Monica’s.

Friends Yellow Peephole Photo Frame

Purple paint job is entirely optional, btw, but it will definitely complete the look. And oh, lets not forget about those flat-pack furniture from IKEA too. For those who are clueless (where have you been???), the Friends Yellow Peephole Photo Frame was one of the most recognizable decorations found in Monica’s apartment. It was a photo frame, but instead of being use as such, Monica had it attached to the main door, framing the peephole.

But in the case of this polyresin replica, you will have the option of doing same as Monica, or use it as a tabletop photo frame with the included built-in stand. Pretty snazzy, eh? You can find Friends Yellow Peephole Photo Frame on BoxLunch for $29.99, as well as on Merchoid for $16.99.

Friends Yellow Peephole Photo Frame
Friends Yellow Peephole Photo Frame

Images: BoxLunch/Merchoid.

Source: Geek Alert.

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