Custom LEGO Seinfeld 30th Anniversary Set

Like Friends, Seinfeld was one of the most memorable sitcoms to come out of the 90s. Granted, Seinfeld was born in 1989, not quite the 90s. However, it practically ran through the entire 90s. That said, the the “show about nothing” is 30 years old this year and given its popularity, it is kind of a bummer that LEGO haven’t jump into immortalizing it in bricks. Seriously, Friends already gotten its own official set, why the hell not this other 90s icon? Speaking of which, one man is on the mission to make so.

Custom LEGO Seinfeld 30th Anniversary Set

The man is Brent Waller. Waller is, of course, the LEGO enthusiast most notable for the sell out LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters 30 Anniversary set. Anywho… Waller wants to celebrate the sitcom’s 30 years and so, he created this: LEGO Seinfeld 30th Anniversary Set. The proposed 900-ish set is the iconic apartment of Jerry Seinfeld at Upper West Side Manhattan and boasts minifigures of the five key characters, including Jerry, George Costanza, Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer, and mailman Newman.

Unfortunately, this being minifigure scale, the set is too small to accommodate the star gadget, the telephone with answering machine. And it does not appear to have Snapple too. Waller’s Seinfeld 30th Anniversary is not far from being an official LEGO Ideas set though. But we are hopeful. At the time of this writing, LEGO Seinfeld 30th Anniversary Set has over 4,300 supporters and it has over a year and half to garner 10,000 supports for it to be reviewed by the LEGO panel. So, if you want to see Seinfeld immortalized as a LEGO set, then chip in your one precious support on LEGO Ideas soon.

Images: LEGO Ideas (BrentWaller).

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