LEGO Zebra Batman Minifigure SDCC 2019

It may look too ridiculous to even begin to believe that the LEGO Zebra Batman Minifigure is a real product. The truth is, it is 100 percent real and it is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive and, as noted by the blister pack, an 80th Anniversary exclusive minifigure. So, did LEGO just made up a cape crusader in zebra-print costume? Well, apparently not. Batman at one point did become a Zebra Batman in the January 1960’s issue of Detective Comics Vol 1 #275. Crazy huh? In case you are curious about how Bat got mixed up with a zebra’s stripes, here’s a synopsis of the story from DC Database Wiki:

Batman and Robin encounter a magnetically-powered villain, the Zebra-Man, but a charge from the machine which gave Zebra-Man his powers turns Batman into a “Zebra-Batman” who repels all solid matter, and without a belt like Zebra-Man’s to neutralize the repelling force, he cannot regulate his powers. With Robin’s help, Batman finds a way to use his unwanted magnetic force to capture the Zebra Man and after the criminal is captured, Batman uses the crook’s magnetic belt in order to neutralize his magnetic force and return to his normal state.

DC Database Wiki

And here’s an image of the issue’s cover:

The SDCC exclusive LEGO Zebra Batman minifigure will be given away at the SDCC (July 18-21) in an instant draw. It is the second SDCC exclusive minifigure following the PS4 Spider-Man minifigure announced on June 29. According to FBTB, the Spider-Man minifigure giveaway will be on Thursday (July 18), while the LEGO Zebra Batman minifigure giveaway will happen on Saturday (July 20).

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LEGO Zebra Batman Minifigure SDCC 2019

Images: LEGO.

Source: Twitter (@LEGO_Group) via FBTB.