You know how octopus is able to adapt its color and even form, on-the-fly, as it passes from one spot to another. The Flare Powered Shirt by Blanc won’t change color, or form, but it has one thing in common with the eight-arm marine creatures: it adapts, but in the temperature sense. Flare is able to adapt to the temperature, so you won’t find yourself under or over wear as the temperature changes. One good example of such scenario of “changing temperature” is hitting the theater in a sweltering day. The outside is hot as hell, but the theater is like a part of the arctic.

Flare Powered Shirt by Blanc

With Flare, you’d be saving yourself the hassle of lugging along a sweater or jacket just for the purpose of not freezing in the theater. Well, that sure sounds like win in our books. Flare achieve this by integrating patented and lightweight battery-powered carbon fiber heating technology around the shirt. This carbon fiber technology allows the heating elements to quickly and efficiently heat up with minimal power requirement. Furthermore, with CF, it is non-corrosive, robust and it affords the shirt to be washed like any other garment. A power button located at the lower side of the shirt, away from potential accidental press, gives you control over the desire warm.

Flare Powered Shirt by Blanc

There are three level of warms: low, medium and high, each with its respective color so you’d be in the know which setting you are on. Beyond keeping you all nice and warm, Flare also boasts several other practical features, including moisture-wicking fabric, Raglan sleeves, thumb loops, side pocket, and a zippered back pocket large enough for a typical smartphone. Flare is powered by a 6,000 mAh power bank that slips right into the left pocket with room to spare, and this power bank can also be used to charge your mobile phone when the need arises. All these features are consummated by a gorgeous design that looks and function great whether you are out in the malls, or fishing in the wild.

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Flare Powered Shirt by Blanc

Flare Powered Shirt by Blanc is available through Kickstarter where you can secure it for as low as $129. The campaign has just went live on Kickstarter a couple of days ago, but already, it has surpassed its set funding goal of $10K. So, yeah, your pledge for a product is a pre-order which, if all goes as planned, will be fulfilled sometime in March 2019.

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