Among the many things China is capable of achieving is building insanely huge or complex structures and the colossal statue of Chinese legendary General Guan Yu (or more commonly known as Guan Gong, which loosely translates to ‘Lord Guan’) is the latest example. Located in Jingzhou City, Hubei province, this imposing statue designed by renown artist Han Meilin measures 58 meters (190 feet) tall and weighs an incredible 1,200 tons and that’s yet to include the traditional Chinese staff and blade combo weapon known as ‘Qing Long Yan Yue Dao’ (loosely translate to “Green Dragon Crescent Blade“) the deified warrior holds in his right hand.

Colossal Guan Yu Statue On Guan Gong Museum
Majestic as it is imposing: this effigy is clad in bronze and stands 190 feet tall

The said weapon stretches 70 meters (230 feet) and weighs in at an uber hefty 136 tons. All told, the entire bronze-clad effigy comes in at a mind-numbing 1,336 tons, which is nearly six times heavier than the Statue of Liberty. The statue, officially unveiled on June 17, is situated atop of Guan Gong Museum at the heart of Guan Gong Righteous Park – one of the designated focal points of Jingzhou city’s tourist attraction. Construction of the park kicked off in February 2014 with a total of 15 billion Yuan (roughly about US2.24 billion) invested.

Colossal Guan Yu Statue On Guan Gong Museum
All 1,336 tons of it is ready for battle

With such an obscene amount sunk into the project, it is only natural that it draw flak from the Internet, but we are not going dwell in it cos’ this statue is nonetheless, a testimony of Chinese engineering feat and that’s not to mention that it did provide jobs over the last two years in construction and will continue to do so as the park and museum operates.

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Apart from the obvious like boosting tourism, the Guan Gong project also aims to fortify Jingzhou’s status as the history and cultural city. With a theme revolving around ‘righteousness’, the Guan Gong Museum is a place to showcase the man’s righteous spirit. Unfortunately, we are not able to locate the official website, if any, of this majestic venue, but I am sure if you are keen, you will find your way there when you hit up Jingzhou City, Hubei province.

Colossal Guan Yu Statue On Guan Gong Museum
A bird’s eye view of the statue shows how enormous it is
Colossal Guan Yu Statue On Guan Gong Museum
The staff and crescent blade combo weapon stretches 230 feet and weighs 136 tons
Colossal Guan Yu Statue On Guan Gong Museum
Guan Yu is a General know for his righteousness in the era of Three Kingdoms

Additional images via Sina.

Source and images via Sploid and Hubei Provincial [CH]

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