With Internet giant Google relentlessly trying to cover every inch of planet Earth, it may surprise you that there are some populated areas, albeit with far fewer people than most cities, that are pretty much uncharted by Google. However, you probably would forgive Google for not dipping its toe in Faroe Islands, cos’ after all, she is a small multi-island nation populated by a little under 50,000 people. But if you think that number residents are quite a bunch, well, it is not quite – especially not when there are actually more sheep then humans.

The Faroe Islands SheepView 360 Street View
Faroe Islands has twice as many sheep as humans

Naturally, Faroe Islands is one of the places or countries that you can’t stroll virtually using Google Street View. But one Faroe Island islander by the name of Durita Dahl Andreassen, along with a few residents, decided to overcome this by creating her own Street View in project called #wewantgooglestreetview. The project aims to draw the attention of Google, hence the name, and also introduces this enchanting, yet largely unknown archipelago located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean to the rest of the world.

The Faroe Islands SheepView 360 Street View
Bucky taking a break, munching on some greens

Since there’s no Google’s Trekker at their disposal, the team decided to enlist the help of the majority of Faroe Islands – the sheep. Five fluffy residents were chosen and turned into a high-tech, island-roaming sheep, each equipped with a 360-degree camera to capture images, a mobile phone to send the images to Andreassen, and a solar panel to keep the gadgets juiced.

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The Faroe Islands SheepView 360 Street View
SheepView 360 offers the world a sheep eye view of a largely unknown nation

As the sheep moves around the island, images are recorded along with GPS coordinates and subsequently pushed to Andreassen who then uploaded them to Street View so that folks like us can get to enjoy a sheep eye view of Faroe Islands. Which kind of makes sense cos’ you know what they say; if you want to explore a place in its full authenticity, you have to go to the natives and SheepView 360, as it is called, truly gives you that, well, at least virtually.

The next step would be to book a ticket, pack your bags and head there to explore it yourself, but before you do that, you may want to sniff out The Faroe Islands website to learn more.

The Faroe Islands SheepView 360 Street View
Another buck grazing on a, wait. What? Roof? How did it get up there?

The Faroe Islands via Technabob

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