If you are a super fan of something, anything that ‘something’ themed, you’d be excited. Personally, I am not a huge fan of How to Train Your Dragon, much less the TV series Dragons: Race to the Edge, but this custom Toothless couch made for Super Fan Builds series for one lucky mega fan (of Dragons: Race to the Edge, of course) just left me in awe. I don’t care whether the show is scripted and obviously, backed by Dreamworks, this Custom Dragons: Race to the Edge Toothless Couch is simply stunning and like what the super fan’s dad said, the details are off the chart.

This custom couch (or sofa, if you prefer), looks exactly like the Night Fury featured in the cartoon series with details right down to the claws, scales and even wings that double as a cosy blanket. It even has LED light up eyes too. Ermmm, ok, maybe Toothless’ eyes doesn’t really light up, but it is a cool feature, nonetheless. Seriously, who needs a bed when you have such an awesome couch? One question though, is the the super fan’s home big enough for this dragon? If not, we have a huge empty space to accommodate it. Just saying… Keep going to watch the build video.

Image via Technabob.

via Technabob

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