At a glance, you may mistake Netflix‘s upcoming series, Man Vs Bee, to be a wildlife documentary. It is not. It is Rowan Atkinson’s comedy series created and written by Atkinson himself with William Davies (Johnny English, The Real McCoy) for Netflix.

Now that you know Man Vs Bee isn’t a documentary, you should already have some idea of the plot. That’s right. It is Atkinson who is best known for his portrayal of Mr. Bean and Johnny English plays a man (Trevor) who is up against a bee that seems to be unable to get off his back (not literally but I am sure you know that, right). Here’s the plot:

“Bumbling dad Trevor tries to get the best of a cunning bee while house-sitting a posh mansion — but only unleashes more chaos in this comedy series.”

It’s an Atkinson’s project, so expect a whole lot of hilarious slapstick moments.

The TV series also stars Jing Lusi (Crazy Rich Asians) and Claudie Blakley. Man Vs Bee premieres on Netflix on June 24, 2022. 

Images: Netflix.

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