The Vamp

The Vamp: Put Bluetooth Into Regular Speakers

you have to agree with us that some of those vintage speakers, such as the B&W DW110, still sounds pretty awesome, but lacks of modern day wireless connectivity to be of a convenience. with the The Vamp, it lets you put your aging (or already aged) speakers to good use by turning them into Bluetooth-enabled speakers. this tiny little box (available in black, red, or white) hooks up to your speaker via the good’ol red/black speaker cable, and it will establish a Bluetooth connection between your modern day smartphone or tablet with your almost long forgotten speaker. the device might be small and product of such nature is definitely not new to the market, but The VAMP differentiates itself with an integrated 4W single-channel amplifier that should have ample oomph to drive those large vintage speakers of yours (one at a time, obviously) and it has the contemporary good look (kind of reminds us of the old Boxee, don’t you think so?) that gives a nice contrast to whatever vintage speaker you might have. other features include built-in magnet for magnetically attaching this little guy to any ferrous surface, a built-in rechargeable battery good for over 10 hours per charge, a USB port for recharging via USB port of your host computer, or using USB power adapter, a subtle LED indicator light, and last but not least, a 3.5mm audio input for use with non-Bluetooth capable media devices completes the package. The VAMP is now on Kickstarter rallying for your support and you can score yourself one for just £35 each (about US$53). catch a pledge video below to learn more about The Vamp.

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Kickstarter via Cool Material