If you’ve ever wanted a tricked out backyard, just think about what $32 million worth of home and yard would get you. According to Business Insider, a $32 million home in Dallas, Texas, comes with its very own backyard water park, multiple pools, cabanas and slides. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s going on inside the home with 17 bathrooms and eight bedrooms. You may not be able to trick out your own backyard to the tune of $32 million, but there is plenty you can do to take it to the next level. Here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Outdoor Entertainment Area

Entertaining doesn’t have to be confined to your living area. With a movie projector, some outdoor mood lighting and speakers, you can host a movie screening party in your own backyard. Invest in some comfortable outdoor furniture including oversized chairs and couches to create a living area right outside. A popcorn maker or ice cream cart is also a fun way to entertain friends and family. And during colder months, a fire pit and hot cocoa station add a nice touch while bundling under blankets for an outdoor movie.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen
Image credit: Atlanta Decking & Fence via HGTV.

Showing movies and watching the big game isn’t the only way to entertain in your backyard. An outdoor kitchen with stove, grill, pizza oven and sink transforms your backyard into a cooking area. For something lower key, a rolling island with room to prep and serve food or a bar cart is a must. Or create a fun tiki bar to serve up your own signature cocktails. Fill with all your favorite beverages and snacks and get ready for an evening outside.

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3. Modernized Pool

A pool or hot tub is a relaxing way to enjoy a tricked out backyard. A modern infinity pool with a zero entry is one option, but you can also go natural and choose an organic or natural pool. Perfect for homeowners who don’t care for chlorinated pools, natural pools can look just as luxurious and modern as the real thing, but with more with the elegance of rock, plants and natural touches.

4. Pergolas and Overhangs

Pergolas and Overhangs
Image credit: Outdoor Living Today.

Landscaping is just one way to trick out your yard, however, you still need a finishing touch to really enjoy it. Add a pergola or overhang to your porch to offer a little coverage, a place to hang vines and plants, and enhance the beauty of your yard. You can even plant a garden filled with all your favorite veggies or natural herbs to add to your outdoor kitchen.

5. Sleek Security Cameras

Sleek Security Cameras
Photo by Pixabay via Pexels.

An impressive backyard requires the right kind of modern touches, but it also requires the right protection. Opt for a security camera with a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. Lorex Technology security cameras offer night vision range, stunning resolution and the highest weatherproof ratings available. Not only will they protect your backyard, but they’ll also look like part of your new decor.

Whether you’re hoping to entertain in style or just relax in your new, tricked-out backyard, you can have the outdoors of your dreams with a few simple tricks. Start with the areas most important to your lifestyle and make sure to protect your investment.

Featured image by Pixabay via Pexels.

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