Do You Know That LEGO Actually Had Anti-LEGO Slippers? Well, I sure the hell didn’t! It was real product, btw, from LEGO, from 4 years ago. The story behind this pair of tongue-in-cheek slippers was, you know, to take the pain out of your feet if you ever stepped on LEGO bricks. Now, we are know how painful that is. It is excruciating. So unbearable is the pain that someone who went through labor three times said that it hurts more than giving birth.

LEGO Anti-LEGO Slippers

I will be honest, though. I can’t remember ever stepping on LEGO bricks (at least not as a grown up anyways), but you will likely experience this memorable pain if you have kids. Suffice to say, it is probably a pain many parents can feel. Anywho, while some people fancy intentionally putting themselves through the pain of stepping on LEGO bricks, most people aren’t as amused by the prospect of getting their feet jabbed by the world famous brick.

LEGO Anti-LEGO Slippers

Apparently, LEGO France knew the pain and had commissioned French advertising agency, Brand Station, to create an official LEGO slipper, aptly called LEGO Anti-LEGO Slippers. Not to be an asshat or anything, but IMHO, it should really be called Anti-LEGO Bricks Slipper. Just saying.. Anyways, the slipper was intentionally designed to be side-neutral which means there was no left or right side, so you can just slipped into them without having to figure out which side is which. Perfect for slipping on in the dark in the middle of night when you need to make your way to the bathroom or kitchen.

LEGO Anti-LEGO Slippers

And it had square-toe, possibly to be consistent with the rectangular form of most LEGO bricks, and it, obviously, sports the LEGO colors. As an anti-LEGO slipper, it also boasts massive amount of padding on the sole, so you’d be able to ride the sea of jabbing LEGO bricks without even flinching an eyelid. The LEGO Anti-LEGO Slippers was produced in limited run of 1,500 and it was distributed randomly to people who had filled out a Christmas wish-list on the LEGO French website. So, yeah, not only this cheeky footwear was from 2015, but it was also only available to folks residing in France.

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But seriously, though, you could save your feet from the torment of LEGO bricks with just about any indoor slippers, or just be a good housekeeper and keep all LEGO bricks (and discipline your kids to do so, for the love of god!) where they belong before you turn off the lights – or you could cobble up a LEGO “Rumba” to get those bricks out of the way…

Images: LEGO France/Brand Station France.


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