LEGO is fun, but the pieces can be pain to your feet if you leave them lying around as would any good LEGO builders. The pain can be so excruciating that you’d remember to clean up after any LEGO build, but for one very talented LEGO enthusiast, he (or was it a she???) decided that it is better leave it to LEGO to clean up its own shit. How? With this brilliant LEGO MOC called “LEGO Rumba.” If you think LEGO Rumba sounds like Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner that started it all, well, it kind of is. Except that it doesn’t look like one (it isn’t disc shape is what I mean) and it isn’t vacuum cleaner. It has only one purpose and that is to “sweep” up LEGO pieces.

Like the Snowblower before it, it is remotely operated. Which means you can sit back and remotely command it to sweep up the LEGO mess in the comfort of your couch. It can sweep up any type of LEGO pieces, including minifigures, and up to the size of maybe, say, a LEGO croc? Any thing larger is taken care by a remotely operated grabber. It is not quick, though. In fact, as you can see in the video below, it is one hell of a slow process which you’d better off getting your lazy ass off the couch and pick it up, but hey, who cares when a LEGO MOC can clean up your LEGO mess for you, right? Well, I can’t believe I am saying this, but cleaning the floor from LEGO pieces have never been this fun.

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LEGO Rumba LEGO Pieces Sweeper

Anywho, the collected LEGO pieces are contained in a truck bed which can be emptied, dump truck-style, when it is full. Sweet. This fabulously awesome creation uses no less than 7 motors, including 2 L motors for the front drive, one L motor each for the pump and the bucket, 2 L motors on the grabber and 1 XL motor to power the track. It also uses 2 Sbrick Plus to enable remote control via a Sbrick app on an iPad. And no, the sweeping flaps are not LEGO elements, neither are the blinking red light. The flaps are repurposed old bicycle tube and the blinking red light is a custom job by The Brick Wall (yup, the same dude/dudette who made the wonderful LEGO MOC snowblower).

LEGO Rumba LEGO Pieces Sweeper

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