Functional LEGO Technic MOC Hay Rake Is Beyond Cool!

We started following The Brick Wall earlier this year, but already, this amazing LEGO Technic MOC (My Own Creation) builder have turned out some very, very impressive LEGO Technic MOCs. Even before we notice The Brick Wall’s builds like the Snow Blower, LEGO Rumba, and the Breakfast machine, this talented LEGO enthusiast have built a […]

This LEGO Breakfast Machine Makes Breakfast, But Patience Is Required

If you live and breathe LEGO, you will want this fabulous custom LEGO Breakfast Machine in your life. Now, we all know plastic and heat do not mix and clearly, LEGO MOC, however well conceived, can never whip up a proper breakfast without some form of intervention. Having said that, the creator of LEGO Breakfast […]

LEGO “Rumba” Is Like Roomba For Sweeping LEGO Pieces

LEGO is fun, but the pieces can be pain to your feet if you leave them lying around as would any good LEGO builders. The pain can be so excruciating that you’d remember to clean up after any LEGO build, but for one very talented LEGO enthusiast, he (or was it a she???) decided that […]

Someone Turned A LEGO Technic Tow Truck Into A Working Snowblower!

Like iPhone, LEGO is pretty much capable of many things and apparently, it now includes blowing snow. Yup. I didn’t think that is possible either, but truth be told, it can, albeit a little slower than one may have hoped. A YouTube channel that deals in all thing LEGO, specifically Technic sets, known as The […]