Automated LEGO Gift-wrapping Machine

Wrapping gifts is tedious and time-consuming. This custom-built automated gift-wrapping machine made out of LEGO will take that chore off your hands. But only if you are more capable in building machines out of LEGO than, you know, actually wrapping gifts.

So, yeah, The Brick Wall built a gift-wrapping machine out of LEGO and from the looks of it, it works out perfectly – if you gifts are of certain size and in regular box shape. The entire process is handled by 19 motors, 4 BuWizz, an EV3, and countless pieces of LEGO elements.

Not only will need to have the knack with building LEGO, you also need a reasonable big room because, this machine is pretty huge. It measures 183 cm long and 71 cm deep (72 by 28 inches).

Automated LEGO Gift-wrapping Machine may not be the most efficient, but it is for sure a show what LEGO and LEGO Technics (and little programming) can achieve. The entire wrapping process progresses in a rather snail pace speed, but it is strangely mesmerizing to watch:

Images: YouTube (The Brick Wall).

Source: Technabob.