A good dessert is a comfort food that tickles nearly all your senses: taste, smell and sight, but for Italian pastry chef Matteo Stucchi those never seems to be enough, well, at least on the visual aspect, it is not and so, he did what no other pastry chef did: he turn his sweet, palatable art into whimsical, playful miniature scenes. By creating scenes of miniature people “working” on the desserts, Matteo pushes the boundaries of visual appeal and at the same time, achieved an effect that no other desserts have achieved: fun, which is what desserts are all about.

Seriously, I don’t think anyone would bear to eat those delicious desserts. I mean, who would bear to interrupt those little dudes who are working diligently to spread mascarpone cheese mixture and cocoa powder to create the classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu? Or would you bear to chump down those donuts and in the process, destroy those tiny people’s fishing fun? Probably no. Jokes aside, pastry chef Matteo really did a remarkable job in reimagining dessert presentation and elevating it to the level of playful art. Matteo is truly going where no pastry chef have gone.

If you like what pastry chef Stucchi has done, you can follow him on Instagram where new photos of his creations are posted every Tuesday and Friday. Granted, Instagram photos only tickles your sight and not your taste bud but that’s what you really need, really. Go on and have a peek at some of Stucchi’s creations below, or hit up his Instagram to see even more.

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Image: Matteo Stucchi via Instagram.

via Laughing Squid

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